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Shari Tiandra is a native of Washington DC. Her make-up artistry is based in the DMV (DC, MD, and VA) area. Growing up as a dancer, make-up was a part of her life early on. Before age 16 she was already doing her own make-up for her dance competitions, recitals and theater shows. These years of transforming her face made her understand the power of make-up.


In 2006 she moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue her dancing career. She was blessed to be able to dance for artists like Beyoncé, Toni Braxton, Monique (BET), Christina Aguilera and more. Also, she did television and films like Glee, Weeds, the movie Princess and the Frog, etc. Now sometimes the words “Come camera ready” would be said. Meaning come to set with your make-up done and ready to go.


“Come camera ready” are the words that started her on a different path with make-up. She learned how to paint her face according to the part she was dancing for when needed. For example, when she played the parts of high school students she learned how to make herself look much younger. With the proper use of color and the placement of highlighter. She mastered how to make her 20 something years look 16 again.


During this time people would ask how she did her make-up. So she shared the knowledge she had to give. That turned into doing someone’s makeup here and there. Then in 2009 she decided she wanted to add Make-Up Artist to her list of talents. After doing make-up on some photo shoots and music videos she wanted to know everything she could. So in 2010 she attended Make-Up Designory (MUD) in Burbank, California which is one of the best make-up schools in the U.S. After completing her courses at MUD she was confident and ready to run her own artistry business.  


As time went on, life got crazy and pulled her away from the things that she loved to do. She was not dancing as much and she stopped doing make-up for a little bit. Then in 2014 Shari’s Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was time to move back home and take care of the woman that made it possible for her to have the life she had. After months of treatment and lots and lots of prayer her Mother “kicked cancer’s ass!” That experience lighted a fire in Shari to live life strong again!


Now I am back to the things that I love. I want to bring beauty into the lives I enter. Confidence, strength, worth, and love are some of the things I want to instill in the people that I come into contact with. Making someone feel beautiful when they see themselves in that mirror. That is my start to letting each and every person see what God has made them of.


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